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About Us

The Urban Creators is a platform for radical and collaborative imagination. Since 2010 we have used food, art, and education as tools to nurture resilience and self-determination in our neighborhood. Now, we are supporting the emergence of a new generation of Urban Creators, organizers, artists, growers, and local businesses who are working to build equity and collective liberation in our communities.

Life Do Grow (LDG) is a Neighborhood Creative Commons, situated in the heart of North Central Philadelphia on the ancestral lands of the indigenous Lenni-Lenape. LDG is a dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem of creative ideas, currently comprised of an urban farm, public park, outdoor classroom, community marketplace, venue for artistic and cultural expression, and co-working/co-creation space for local businesses, artists, organizers, growers, and creators. It is a canvas for ingenuity; a safe-space to explore boundaries, discover passions, and experiment with new ideas; a hub for community to organize, build equity, and foster economic opportunity; and an organic garden where we can all connect more deeply with the earth and one another.

Life Do Grow Farm: Community Design Process

As we enter our second decade and prepare to advocate for the long-term preservation of our land, we are hosting a series of in-person and virtual community design meetings to center our community in building a vision for the future of Life Do Grow farm and our surrounding neighborhood. 

If you are a North Philadelphia resident, stakeholder, or partner, please complete the survey to guide and inform the ways in which we grow over the next several years. 

**All responses will be kept completely confidential, and will only be used by Urban Creator staff to inform our programs, projects, events, offerings, and Community Designs for the future.**

Watch this recap of our first in-person community design meeting on 6/26/21 where community members came together to share ideas and visions for the future of Life Do Grow farm, and set core values and priorities as the foundation of our design process.

Community Food Education Series @ Life Do Grow Farm

This fall, we are hosting a series of Community Food Education workshops at Life Do Grow farm. Join us every Wednesday from 3-6pm to learn how to grow your own food, cook with the food you grow, and how to make natural immune supporting medicine with herbs from the garden.

Markets, Programs, Events, and Volunteer Opportunities

Mobile Market & Neighborhood Marketplace

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have operated a Mobile Market to make fresh produce, meals, PPE, diapers, feminine hygiene products, books, voter registration, and other critical resources accessible throughout our North Philadelphia community. Join us EVERY WEDNESDAY, from 3-6pm at Life Do Grow, and follow us on social media for information about our Mobile Locations, to buy our produce, access these resources, and support local businesses and community economics.

Take a virtual tour of our 2020 Mobile Market at historic North Philadelphia locations including the Church of the Advocate and Uptown Theater.

Learn about our 2020 Neighborhood Marketplace and Free Breakfast program at Life Do Grow farm.


Whether you live in Philly, NYC, or somewhere else in the country, please use our RESOURCE PAGE as a tool to find information about resources near you, or to explore ways that you can ‘Be A Resource’ in supporting social & environmental justice.

Upcoming Events

Find out about virtual programs and live events happening near you!   And if you are an artist, curator, organizer, or educator, click here to learn more about how you can promote your programs/events on our website and virtual calendar.

Become a Member

The Urban Creators is a collaborative platform to support the emergence of radical new ideas. We offer different kinds of membership to support small businesses and organizations that are working towards building equity and self-determination in our communities. Click here to learn more about our current members, and membership opportunities.

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Our Services

Social Impact & Sustainability Consulting

The Urban Creators have 10+ years of experience building sustainable and equitable communities. We offer a range of consulting services related to: Team building and collaborative leadership; vision building and strategic planning; community organizing and engagement; organizational and business development; financial management and capacity building; program design and evaluation; event planning and curation; and sustainable landscaping, development, and agriculture. Please contact us at: to learn more, and explore ways that we can help you develop your own social impact and sustainability projects

Custom Garden Design and Development

The Urban Creators have 10+ years of experience installing organic gardens, designed to fit all kinds of physical spaces. Please contact us at: to learn more, and explore how we can help you create your own garden today!

School Garden Design

The Urban Creators specialize in engaging school communities in the design and implementation of educational gardens and sustainability programs. Please contact us at: to learn more about how we can help you create your own living and learning ecosystem!