Community Design & Legacy Project

Honoring Community Legacy & Envisioning New Futures

Over the course of 2021, we facilitated a Community Design Process that engaged dozens of community members, stakeholders, and partners in building a long-term vision for the future of Life Do Grow farm. Through a series of in-person and virtual design meetings, we identified our communities top priorities for the farm’s physical and programmatic evolution which includes:

  • Expanded community market, vending, and event space
  • Increased food production, community garden beds, and a fruit orchard
  • Improved public signage, lighting, security, and walkways
  • Public amenities such as: hammocks, picnic tables, public exercise and play equipment
  • Community programs focused on ‘building sovereignty’ including: gardening, cooking, medicine making, foraging, STEM education, food & environmental justice, political education, self-defense, financial literacy, social entrepreneurship, story  telling, and the arts.
  • Co-Working and Co-Creation spaces that provide a platform to support the growth of local and emerging entrepreneurs, artists, growers, educators, healers, and organizers.

Another major theme that came up throughout the design process was the importance of honoring the legacy of our land and our community, which inspired the creation of our ‘Legacy Project‘ which has evolved into a series of artistic and historical installations that honor and pay tribute to the the long history of our land stemming back to its indigenous roots.

This process has been extremely grounding for us, is ongoing, and will continue to inform the ways in which we continue to evolve over the next several years.


2022 Legacy Project

To learn more about the history of our land and community, click here to access a PDF version of our full Legacy Project installation

2021 Community Design Process

To learn more about our Community Design process, click here to access a PDF version of the final design plans for Life Do Grow

Thank you to the American Institute of Architects for awarding us the 2022 Paul Sehnert Award for “Excellence in Design, Collaboration, and Impact” for our community design plans for Life Do Grow Farm!!