Our Impact

Urban Creators Impact Summary

Since coming together in 2010, we have successfully revitalized over three acres of vacant land into a network of urban gardens and public green spaces. We have provided fresh produce to hundreds of local families each year; engaged over 7,000 students and volunteers in service-learning experiences; provided 143 employment and leadership development opportunities for 81 (unique individual) Philadelphia youth and young adults; and curated 306 public events and neighborhood markets which have engaged 18,513  attendees while building visibility for 534 emerging artists and 371 small/local businesses. Through this work, we have also contributed to a 40% decrease in Part 1 Violent crime in our immediate area, and have invested in the growth of 5 local businesses and organizations. 


Acres of vacant land revitalized


Local families fed each year


Students and volunteers engaged


Jobs and leadership development opportunities provided for Philadelphia Youth and Young Adults


Curated 306 Public Art Events and Markets, which engaged 18,513 attendees while building visibility for 534 emerging artists and 371 local businesses 


Contributed to a 40% decrease in Part 1 Violent crime surrounding Life Do Grow (between 2010-2015)


Incubated the growth of 5 local businesses and organizations


Community and School Gardens created

Our COVID-19 Response

In 2020 and 2021, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted a total of 198 markets at 8 key locations throughout North Philadelphia. Through these efforts and several key partnerships, we distributed approximately 67,000lbs of produce, 104,135 fresh meals, 35,300 diapers, 122,872 menstrual products, 1,178 books, and hundreds of PPE items to our community.

Food Sovereignty and Urban Agriculture

By transforming vacant land into urban gardens, we have cultivated opportunities for countless neighbors, students, and stakeholders to access organic produce, participate in growing their own food and medicine, and develop intimate relationships with the earth, all rooted in love, respect, and reciprocity. Through this transformative process, our farm/gardens have helped to build food sovereignty in our community, while restoring local ecosystems and biodiversity.


Provided fresh produce for hundreds local families each year, as well as infrastructure for 16 local families to grow their own food


Revitalized 3 acres of blighted land into a thriving network of urban farms, gardens, public parks, and artistic venues


We Established:


Urban Farm


Community Gardens


School Gardens

Education & Youth Development

Our educational programs have been designed with a hands-on and intersectional approach to learning, intended to support young people as they identify and actualize personal passions, develop technical skills and leadership capacity, and pioneer social change in their own neighborhoods. Over the years, our programs have focused on food justice, urban agriculture, nutrition and cooking, social entrepreneurship, creative expression, community organizing, and sustainable development, all grounded in a hyper-local context intended to build personal and collective resilience.


Facilitated service-learning opportunities for over 7,000 students and volunteers


Provided 143 jobs and leadership development opportunities for 81 (unique individual) youth and young adults


Between 2017-2020, 69% indicated that they have met and/or exceeded goals they set for themselves.


Are actively pursuing careers/passions inspired or supported during their time with the Urban Creators.

Arts & Entrepreneurship

Art, Celebration, and Entrepreneurship are key elements of our work. Each year we host a series of public art events and community markets as a way of creating platforms for radical self-expression and collaborative economic development. Our events have included music festivals, farmers markets, art galleries, jam sessions, open mics, peace rallies, block parties, and, most notably, our annual HOODSTOCK Festival: a “Celebration of Life & Living in North Philadelphia”. These events and markets have fostered  meaningful connections throughout our extended community, increased access to fresh food and other critical resources, and built visibility for local and emerging artists, entrepreneurs, organizers, activists, and creators of all kinds.


Curated 306 Public Arts Events, that have engaged approximately 18,513 attendees


Offered dynamic platforms to build visibility for 534 emerging artists and 371 small/local businesses and organizations

Community & Economic Development

While the focus of our programs are food, art, and education, we have always worked towards fostering community resilience and economic opportunity. Some of the most significant outcomes of our work have emerged from our role as a creative platform and catalyst for the development of small local businesses, organizations, artists, and organizers. 


Provided jobs for 66 North Philadelphia residents (7 adults and 57 youth between 2014-2021)


Generated $2.25 million towards economic development in North Philadelphia (2010-2021)


In our first 5 years, we contributed to a 40% decrease in Part 1 Violent Crime in the neighborhood directly surrounding Life DO Grow farm (2010-2015)


Supported and invested in the growth of 5 local businesses and organizations