Building Self-Resilience & Collective Liberation

Whether you live in Philly, NYC, or somewhere else in the country, please use this site as a tool to find information about resources near you, or to explore ways that you can ‘Be A Resource’ in supporting social & environmental justice.

This is by no means a complete list, but rather a living directory of resources and opportunities that is meant to grow and evolve over time. Therefore, we invite you to help us expand this directory by sharing new resources, tools, comments, or ideas at the bottom of this page.


Our ‘Resource Directory’ includes information, resources, and opportunities for:

  • Individuals & Families (related to food, housing, health & wellness, education, employment, reentry, civic engagement, legal support, and financial support)
  • Grassroots Organizations
  • Small Businesses & Cooperatives
  • Artists
  • Growers & Healers
  • Organizers & Activists
  • Educators & Facilitators
  • Covid-19 Resources
  • Mutual Aid Networks

Please use this directory as a tool to find and access the resources you need.

Find Resources in Philadelphia  here

Find Resources in New York City here

Find ‘Universal’ Resources here.

How to 'Be a Resource':

This directory is also meant to share opportunities to ‘Be A Resource’ by highlighting ways that we can all:

  • Donate to Grassroots Organizations (Wealth Redistribution)
  • Support Social Movements and Campaigns
  • Volunteer with Local Organizations
  • Vote (Become Civically Engaged)
  • Buy from Small, Local, POC Businesses and Cooperatives
  • Move Your Money (Ethical Consumption & Sustainable Economies)
  • Reduce Your Waste
  • Grow and Buy Local Food
  • Educate Yourself

Use these directories to explore ways to ‘Be A Resource’ in support of Social & Environmental Justice.

Explore ways to ‘Be A Resource’ in Philadelphia here

Explore ways to ‘Be a Resource’ in NYC here.

Explore ways to ‘Be A Resource’ across the US here.

Education Resource Library

Click here to access our library of educational resources (including books, readings, films, curricula, virtual teaching tools, and other educational resources) related to self-resilience and collective liberation.

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