Winter Candle Dipping & Beeswax

Feb 17 2021
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Knowledge Share Description

In this 3 hour knowledge share Alysia will illustrate the full process of hand dipping beeswax candles. You are invited to engage and ask questions throughout the knowledge share. She will also speak on the history of beekeeping, the brilliance of the honeybee hive, and why 100% beeswax is the brightest, cleanest, and slowest burning wax on Earth.

Resource Package

If you would like to dip along during the Knowledge Share, only 30 dipping kits are available via the “resource package” option. Must be purchased by January 15th. The kit will arrive at the provided address prior to the workshop. Instructions for setting up will be included. Questions related to setting up dipping kits must be addressed via email no later than 48hrs before the workshop, please contact

Resource Package Includes:

  • 1lb of beeswax

  • Dipping can

  • Cotton wicking

You will need:

  • Access to a stovetop and water

  • Small pot

  • Dipping stick (could be a branch)

  • Thermometer (optional but recommended)

  • Cleaning rag

Knowledge Share Includes

  • The evolution of fire keeping

  • Complete how to hand dip beeswax tapers

  • Open questions regarding the dipping process

  • Humankind’s time-honored relationship with the honeybee

  • Beeswax vs. other waxes

  • Sustainably sourcing beeswax

  • How the honeybee makes beeswax

  • Brief facts about the beehive, its byproducts, and honeybee roles


$35 knowledge share

$75 knowledge share + resource package + shipping costs

$100 reparations (knowledge share + resource package. If you have financial abundance, this is our our pay-it-forward option to fund our scholarships and work redistributing resources to Black and Indigenous Land Projects)

For scholarships please email with subject CANDLE DIPPING. Scholarships do not include resource package.