May 14 2022
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Alignment is a free festival that was designed to create community synergy through organic produce, vegan food, live music and performances, DJ entertainment, display of the arts, 1:1 healing sessions, economic sovereignty through vending, group healing workshops, and an abundance of varying offerings providing deeper connections to the land.

As a collective we believe that we can release past trauma, reclaim our narratives and transcend to our highest level of authenticity. With this knowing, guests can expect to foster meaningful and intimate relationships while celebrating healing in community at Alignment.

Each Alignment experience will offer large group guided healing sessions as well as 1:1 healing sessions held in what is better known as “The Pyramid”. We’re scheduled to highlight some of the communities best healers who are trusted and respected for how they teach and guide community into practicing alternative ways of healing and connecting with ourselves. Some of the types of healing we plan to engage the community in are yoga, meditation, breath work, sound healing, reflexology, candle making, reiki, natural tie-dye, and many more.

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Urban Creators


Life Do Grow Farm
2315 N 11th Street. Philadelphia, PA, 19133