Basics of Fermentation: Kombucha, Tepache and Pickling with Brine

Oct 13 2020
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Knowledge Share Description

Fermentation is an ancestral process that has shaped human existence. It has been used as a tool for preservation, ritual, health, culture, flavor and cooking. However, in today’s western world we have grown a fear towards bacteria and death, which has impacted our quality of life. This knowledge share will inspire you to see food and death from a new perspective. We will discuss the history of fermentation from Mesoamerica to the Greek gods and rituals and the role of fermentation today. In our three hours together we will learn a few techniques to support you in your fermentation journey and open up infinite possibilities to create your own beverages and experiment with giving new form and life to common fruits and vegetables.

Knowledge Share Includes 

-Brief history

-Basics of fermentation

– The steps for making kombucha, tepache,  pickles with brine

-Demo of kombucha, tepache and  pickling with brine


-Resource package available includes (scoby in mason jar, panela, filter, and green tea)

-Participants are welcome to be in the kitchen during the class fermenting alongside.


Exchange $35

Resource package $55 last day to order resource package is October 6

For scholarships please email with subject FERMENTATION


Daniela Reul is a cook, herbalist, astrologer, and ceramicist, who has been using fermentation not only as a way of cooking but sees it as a philosophy of life as well. Her love for fermentation began almost a decade ago in an alchemy class. Fermentation being the process of decay and transformation has inspired her to see death as a process of releasing the spirit and the rebirth of physical matter. Daniela is deeply passionate about ancestral ways of cooking and living, which are the inspiration for all her practices.