Housing Justice, Organizing, and Cooperation

Oct 27 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

In recent months, unhoused folks and housing justice activists have demanded “housing now”—specifically, the transfer of vacant properties to a community land trust for permanent low-income housing administered by local community-controlled committees. Coalitions have called for a moratorium on utility shut-offs, and the forgiveness of utility debt. With the pandemic raging on and more folks out of work, the housing affordability crisis deepens, and fears of mass evictions mount.

With this context, we turn to what is possible, and how we build it. What are the models that can truly support communities in being stably, affordably housed? How do we cooperate to build and sustain them? Where does this get messy, and how can we move through the mess with compassion and commitment?

Join one of PACA’s 2020 fellows, Lauren Horner, and the newly-elected convener of the Life Center Association (LCA), Hanif Davis, for this timely conversation. Among other things, you’ll learn how the LCA is structured and operates, and how they’ve adapted to meet the needs of members in the pandemic.