Jewish Protection Magic

Mar 04 2021
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Jewish Protection Magic

  • Thu, Mar 4, 20215:30 PM  Thu, Mar 18, 20218:30 PM

with Dori Midnight

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In this three week immersion, we will dream deep into the rich lineage of protection magic from throughout the Jewish diaspora, from the Levant/SWANA/MENA regions, the Balkans and Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, from ancient times through the present. For thousands of years, Jews have woven rituals and remedies for protection against sheydim (often translated as “demons”) and ayin hara(evil eye), enlisting the support of plants, amulets, sacred symbols, ritual, prayer, and texts. We will learn about ancient boundary magic and protective blessing practices, look at potent protection amulets, from incantation bowls to hamsas to mezuzot to pockets full of garlic, and discuss ways we can integrate some of these practices in our lives. As we reconnect with and re-enliven these ancestral traditions of protection, the prayer is that we can divest from harmful practices such as policing, militarism, and borders so that we may cultivate a sense of grounded presence, solidarity and collective safety.


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