SANTA: Creative Cannabis

Sep 16 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

SANTA: Creative Cannabis is a series led by Maria (@ _ AYA_ ORA_) in which we will reclaim our millennial history with Cannabis, explore the Endocannabinoid system, learn about Cannabis as a reproductive/generative system ally, learn about Cannabis use in bloodcycles, gestation, birth, postpartum, explore sex & Cannabis, heal and/or establish a healthy relationship with Cannabis, learn about conscious sourcing, understand ways of working with and consuming Cannabis in ways that benefit our unique bodies, demystify the War on Drugs, understand its impact on BIPOC bodies, communities and culture, explore collective systems of reparation and much more…

(AYA) Maria is a mother, a Holistic Birth Attendant, soon to be a LM, CPM, a Hemp-Cannabis Guardian, co-founder of AYAORA ( and an Artist. Their relationship to Cannabis is pivotal to her path & work. Maria comes from a lineage of oral, experiential and anecdotal learning and this series will be transmitted in that vein while interweaving evidence based clinical studies.

You can drop in for anyone session or register for all at once.

Gatherings will be over Zoom.


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