What's Growing


Salvia rosmarinus

Rosemary is known as a woody perennial herb. As it matures, it becomes a small shrub. The leaves are thin and needlelike. Rosemary leaves are a shiny, dark green on the upper side while its underside is populated by short white hairs. Rosemary usually grows to a height of approximately 3 feet though it is possible for them to grow up to over 6 and a half feet tall! Rosemary flowers are bluish and form in clusters.


Herbs are best harvested just before they flower which is when their oils are at their max.
  • If you are harvesting rosemary for cooking, you can start harvesting its leaves as soon as the plant has matured some; if you would like to use the rosemary for dying, wait until the plant matures fully and is about to bloom.
  • To harvest for drying, harvest as soon as flowers appear.
  • It is best to harvest leaves on a regular cycle, such as a weekly trimming if the shrub is large. Regular trimming will make sure the plant is full and healthy. As you prune, you encourage new growth which means more harvest!


Rosemary has been used since antiquity as a medicinal herb. In the past, the herb has been known to alleviate muscle pain, boost the immune system, and even improve memory.

  • Rosemary is an aromatic herb so it is frequently used as seasoning for dishes; it can also be used in tea mixtures and essential oils.