What's Growing


Spinacia oleracea

Spinach leaves grow in a kind of rose shape, low to the ground; they may seem crinkled or flat. When spinach bolts (i.e. flowers), it grows a yellowy green flower. These flowers produce clusters of fruit that hold seeds inside.


Spinach takes about 37-45 days to mature. Once rosettes have 5-6 leaves, they’re ready for harvest! Spinach will keep growing new leaves from its stem so be sure when harvesting to not cut this growing point if you’d like more harvests.

• To harvest, use scissors or garden shears to cut the spinach in bunches.

• While you harvest, remove any yellowing or discolored leaves so that new, healthier leaves will be encouraged to grow.


Cook spinach in a soup or an omelet, or keep it raw in a salad, it’s a multipurpose green! Add it to a smoothie or use it for juicing, spinach has a high level of antioxidants to take advantage of.