What's Growing


Curcuma longa

Turmeric like ginger is grown underground and a knobby herb. A part of the same family, Zingiberaceae, these perennials can grow to a height of three feet tall with long, open leaves. As a rhizome, their stems grow horizontally. Known for its bright yellow and orange-y color, the word “turmeric” literally means “yellow root.”


Turmeric can be harvested after its leaves and steps have dried and are turning brown. Like ginger, they take around 7-10 months to fully mature.

  • To harvest, dig out the whole plant and shake the soil off. Cut the stems an inch or so above the rhizomes and wash well.


Turmeric has been dated to use for over 4000 years in India and has great religious and medicinal significance as well as culinary use. Turmeric can be used to dye clothing. As a dried powder, it can be utilized as a curry powder and as a coloring and flavoring agent for mustard, pickles, chutneys, and even butter and cheese. Often, turmeric powder is mixed as a hot drink like a turmeric latte.