Responding to COVID-19

Dear Family and Friends,

In these challenging times, we wanted to share some good news.

Thankfully, members of our immediate family and community are all healthy, and we are ready to get back to work. The Urban Creators was recently approved as an ‘essential business’, and we officially began our growing season this past Monday!

The realities of COVID-19 unfortunately mean that we can’t use Life Do Grow farm as a gathering space for now. But that it can’t stop us from nurturing our greatest resource – -our relationships with all of you. We have a plan to adapt to the rapidly shifting needs of our neighborhood, and will continue to offer healthy food and opportunities for continued learning, sharing, and connecting during this era of social distancing:

1)  We will continue to grow food with and for our community as we have for 10 years.

2) We will run a “Mobile Market” that safely and accessibly offers food, information, and other critical resources throughout our neighborhood.

3)  We are revamping our website to serve as a digital platform for online classes, workshops, conversations, artist showcases, open mics, virtual parties, and information/resource sharing. We will produce some of this content ourselves, but are also looking to highlight the digital programs/offerings of our many partners and allies.                                                                                                         

While our approach may need to change in this moment, our new strategies are reflective of our core values and represent a new foundation through which can meet the changing needs of our community throughout this crisis, and beyond.

We thank all of you for the love you have shown us, and we thank the earth for continuing to guide us through these times of profound change. We can’t wait to see you at the mobile market, or in some of our new virtual programs. Keep an eye out for updates on our listserv and social media.

Everyone please stay safe, and healthy.

The Urban Creators