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Cucumis sativus

Cucumbers are in the gourd family meaning that they vine with big, wide leaves and thin tendrils. The green fruit are tapered at the ends and produce yellowy flowers.


Choosing when to harvest your cucumbers, depends on what you would like to do with them.

• If you are pickling cucumbers to be made sweet, it is best to harvest when they are smaller (2 inches long) or if you are making dill pickles, harvest when the cucumbers are 3-4 inches long.

• If eating sliced cucumber, it is best to harvest when they are 7-9 inches long and are dark green in color.

• If cucumbers get too big, they will become bitter and will have a mushy texture.

• As you harvest, leave a small section of the stem still attached to the cucumber (about an inch) so that the stem end will not rot as you store it. Use a sharp knife to harvest.


Keep your cucumber filled with nutrients by eating them raw in salads, with dip or hummus, or sushi! Like spinach or kale, throw a cucumber into your morning smoothie for a refreshing taste!