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Allium cepa

Onions are a part of the Liliaceae family. When they bolt, they produce pink, white flowers from the tips of their stem. Onion bulbs have a protective papery coat.


Onions will shoulder, meaning that when they are ready, they will come up from the ground. When onions have bolted (flowered), they should be pulled and used promptly.

• Be sure to store onions correctly. They should be dried before being put away and cured for 2-3 weeks until they are completely dry and the papery coat is crisp. Cut the tops of the stems off when drying is done.


Cooked or raw, onions can add a satisfying crunch to whatever you’re eating or a flavorful dimension! Carmelize, stir-fry, throw into a broth, or (as always) put them in a salad, onions are a versatile veggie!