New Website & Virtual Tool-Kit

Dear Urban Creator family, 

After 6 months of organizing and design work, we are excited to officially announce the launch of our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! We have designed this site as a Virtual Tool-Kit to inspire creative cross-pollination and resource sharing throughout our extended community. Please visit our new website at to learn more about our 10 year journey and ongoing work, to book Life Do Grow farm as a venue space, to find (or promote) upcoming evens and programs. and to explore resources near you – or – ways that you can ‘Be A Resource’ in support of social & environmental justice.  

We’re including more information about each of the website’s ‘tools’ and ‘offerings’ bellow, including our RESOURCE DIRECTORY, CREATOR CALENDAR, and how to BOOK OUR VENUE. We will also begin highlighting some of these new features in upcoming newsletters. 

Than you all for being on this journey with us!


The Urban Creator Family


RESOURCE DIRECTORY: Whether you live in Philly, NYC, or somewhere else in the country, please use our ‘RESOURCE DIRECTORY’  as a tool to find information about resources near you, or to explore ways that you can ‘Be A Resource’ in supporting social & environmental justice. This directory includes resources for Individuals & Families, Grassroots Organizations, Small Businesses & Cooperatives, Artists, Growers, Healers, Organizers, Activists, and Educators.    It is also meant to share ways that we can all ‘Be A Resource’ by highlighting grassroots organizations to donate to, campaigns to support, Local POC business & Co-ops to buy from, organizations to volunteer with, information about voting & civic engagement, ways to reduce our waste and grow food, tools for ethical consumption, and a library of educational resources.  This is meant to be a living and evolving directory, and we invite you to share new resources, tools, comments, or ideas with us. 


CREATOR CALENDAR: Our ‘Creator Calendar’ is a virtual platform for cross-promotion of events and programs in Philadelphia, New York, and Online. We welcome artists, curators, organizers, educators, healers, growers, and creators of all kinds to use our platform to promote your events/programs, and connect with our growing network of Urban Creators.    To promote an event/program, please go to and fill out the online form.  


BOOK OUR VENUE: In addition to being a farm, Life Do Grow is a dynamic venue space for artistic & cultural celebration, community organizing, education, and economic development. Life Do Grow consists of 2 acres of beautiful outdoor venue space, with amenities including: Our GeoDome, Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen/Bar, Sound System, Stage, Art Gallery Walls, and More.  Contact us today to Book Life Do Grow for your event or program. (Events may include, but are not limited to: art galleries, concerts and performances, parties, workshops, ceremonies, festivals, cookouts, open Mic’s, and more).    To Book Life Do Grow for your next event/program, please go to  and fill out the online form.  (Please note that we are currently following strict CDC Guidelines for any and all gatherings at Life Do Grow).



We wanted to send a special THANK YOU to Avenue West and Being Design Inc. for helping us create this new site, as well as REC Philly, PACA, Amsterdam Collective, Free Spirit Cloud Company, TUFF Girls, the Philly Reentry Coalition, and the many other partners who helped us gather content and mobilize partnerships for our RESOURCE DIRECTORY and CREATOR CALENDAR.